surrounded by lovely things

Four things

… and only three are about Fig. My bar is way low, like knee-high low.

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One:: Our little Figlet celebrated her half-birthday not long ago. We gave her extra cuddles, a schmear of cream cheese on her milk bone, and a day of playing with her pup friends at daycare. So it was almost like any other day. (;

IMG_0304 copy

Two:: It is officially fall, even though half the time it doesn’t feel like it down here in…

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Traded my peach for an apple

Traded my peach for an apple


When work sends you to NYC (for a measly one-hour meeting), make the most of those miles and extend it to include a weekend with one of your favorite ladies … at least that’s what I did.

I can’t believe I haven’t hugged this girl since my wedding day! That’s just too long and crazy silly (and makes me feel like an old married lady). Thankfully distance and time are nothing when it comes to a…

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